/soft/csdck - Counterfeit SD ChecK

When a flash device shows the capacity of 32 Gb, but really it has only 8 Gb - that means it's counterfeit, or, simply, fake.
This program is unable to neither return your money, nor add capacity to any flash device - it can only provide you with some arguments for a dispute with the seller.

It's distributed in the .src.rpm format - that allows users of RPM-based Linux systems to rebuild and install it in the most convenient way. The license allows you to do anything with this piece of code, except:
0. Claiming it is yours
1. Running it under *BSD and Debian-style systems (either modified or not)
2. Distributing your modifications and derivatives under other conditions

Said that, here it is:

Download csdck-0.6-1.src.rpm, 5733 bytes

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